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Have you dreamed of a beach or city vacation in Europe but can’t decide? Traveling to beach cities allows you to soak up some rays, explore the local culture, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

1. Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain
An abundance of sunbathers, surfers, and city breakers descend upon San Sebastian on the northern coast of Spain. Once a summer resort for the Spanish aristocracy, it is consistently ranked as one of the world’s finest. More than having more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other European city, the old town is studded with Basque pintxo pubs. San Sebastian’s crescent-shaped Playa de la Concha is a gorgeous spot to soak up rays and get some tan. If surfing is more your speed, go to the surf-friendly Playa de Gros.

2. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Despite the city’s proximity to other islands, many visitors to Athens fail to notice that it has a series of beaches located immediately south of the Acropolis. You may spend the morning seeing historical monuments and the afternoon cooling down in the Aegean since the Athenian Riviera is accessible by a picturesque coastal tram. Some of the best places to visit on the island include Glyfada, known for its palm-lined beaches and exciting nightlife, and Voula, which has the largest beach clubs on the Riviera.

3. Nice, France

Nice, France
Goodbye, glitzy Riviera neighbors (hello, Cannes, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo!). Nice, on the other hand, is a real city. Beautiful Vieux Nice is where you’ll find the city’s flower and food markets and several cultural landmarks, such as a museum honoring Henri Matisse, a longtime resident. Relax on one of the famous beach chairs, which are as blue as the glistening Mediterranean, or take in the (sea) breeze down the two-mile Promenade des Anglais. This boardwalk is specifically designed for skaters and cyclists.

4. Brighton, England

Brighton, England
The coolest seaside city in England, Brighton, is an hour’s train trip south of London. A vibrant club scene coexists with traditional fish and chip stores, small alleys adorned with independent businesses, and majestic Regency squares. A royal castle designed in the style of the Taj Mahal, constructed in 1787 as a summer retreat for George IV, and a famous pier filled with vintage amusement attractions from the city’s periphery. Be warned that the pebbly beach is quite crowded throughout the summer. Go west to Hove for a more peaceful stretch, where you’ll see colorful beach cottages and charming cafés.

5. Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro, Budva
Budva, Montenegro, is known as the “party town” due to its abundance of megayachts and bustling waterfront bars. This coastal jewel is about two hours away from Dubrovnik. It has a charming ancient town on a tiny peninsula that leads directly to the town beach. Sveti Nikola is an island local called “Hawaii” because of its sandy beaches and hidden coves; a water taxi may transport you there if you’re looking for a more private place.

6. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain
Cobblestone streets are lined with museums, churches, and ancient sites in Ibiza Town. Despite its allure to famous DJs and all-night ravers, it has a peaceful, cultural side. A striking drawbridge leads to the main gateway of the Renaissance defensive wall that encircles the ancient town. Talamanca is the town’s primary beach, only a fifteen-minute walk down the shoreline. A favorite spot for carefree swimming and relaxing, thanks to its curving harbor, gentle sand ledges, and crystal blue water.

7. Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal
Situated on the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve area is known as one of the sunniest locations in Europe. The region has abundant picturesque beaches, making discovering a private spot here simple. Lagos has a little more to offer than just the beach, in contrast to most of the coastal communities in the region. Afterward, take a leisurely walk to Batata Beach, nestled under the 17th-century Bandeira Fort, after seeing the old town with its magnificent Moorish walls, cobblestone alleyways, and lovely piazzas.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is hard to top with its golden beaches, innovative food, and stunning architecture. Take a bocadillo (sandwich) and a trip to one of the seven beaches in the city after seeing Gaudi’s works of art. The most famous and conveniently located neighborhood in Barcelona is Barceloneta. Go to Bogatell Beach if you want a more sedate stretch; you can watch a chill local crowd enjoy the Mediterranean Sea or play hoops on the court.

9. Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy
Several famous people, including Roman emperors, Russian writers, and Hollywood actors, have visited the picturesque island of Capri for its glitzy resort town. Luxurious shops, trendy cafes, and stately mansions adorned with bougainvillea comprise the center’s labyrinth of winding alleyways. Several tiny, immaculate public beaches may be reached by strolling down the steep Via Krupp or riding the funicular to the shingle beach at Marina Grande.

10. Alicante, Spain

Alicante, Spain
Instead of stopping in Alicante, many visitors to Spain go directly to a Costa Blanca beach resort. Locals have known for a long time that it is a great place to visit for a city break. Playa del Postiguet’s expansive palm-lined beaches, Santa Barbara palace, and old town are its main attractions.

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