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Over 600 million visitors visit Europe, most of whom visit only a few countries like France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, or Germany. But we shouldn’t forget that there are 41 separate nations in Europe, many of which are so obscure that few people even realize they exist. In this piece, we’ll discuss the European nations that attract the fewest visitors and why you should consider making a trip to one of them.

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that several nations, such as Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden, aren’t included on this list since they attract significantly more visitors. Only nations having annual visitor totals of fewer than 3,5 million are included on this list.

1. Cyprus- 3.5 Million


Growth in tourism to Cyprus stalled in the early 2000s, mainly owing to a lack of promotion. Still, in the 2010s, this stunning island seems to be returning to the mainstream. Cyprus may be found in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Turkey’s south. Cyprus is well-known not just for its lovely beaches and stunning landscape but also for its many historic sites, including castles and ruins from medieval times, as well as its many historic towns and cities.

So, if you want a trip that’s not only about lounging on the beach but also about learning about history, Cyprus should be at the top of your list.

2. Estonia- 3.4 Million

Visitors often overlook Estonia, a little country in the far northeastern corner of Europe. Estonia has difficulty competing with warmer Mediterranean destinations for tourist dollars due to its rather frigid weather, even though the country has plenty to offer. Specifically, Estonia has 3,800 kilometers of coastline. Even though the water is chilly and the beaches are stony in the Baltic, some stunning locations can be found there. Not only is the sauna culture well-known, but so are the country’s verdant woods, many picturesque lakes, its ancient capital, and other notable attractions. Estonia is a fantastic alternative summer vacation spot and a wonderful winter escape full of outdoor activities and cultural attractions.

3. Finland- 3.2 Million


Finland receives little over 3 million tourists annually, making it the least visited nation in Scandinavia. Finland has some of the top winter locations in Europe and stunning natural landscapes. Still, it is not as well connected by air and rail as its Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden and Norway. Finland is well-known for many things, including the fact that three-quarters of its landmass is covered in forests, the fact that it has the largest archipelago in the world, the largest lake district in Europe, one of the most hip capitals (Helsinki), and the fact that it is home to Europe’s last remaining wilderness region (Lapland).

4. Malta- 3.2 Million


To the south of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea, sits the little island of Malta. Malta not only boasts a wealth of intriguing historical sites, but also some of the most gorgeous beaches, secluded coves, and breathtaking cliffs in all of the Mediterranean. While fierce competition from neighboring Mediterranean islands is likely to blame for Malta’s relatively low tourist numbers, the fact that the nation has a population of just 500,000 makes its 3.2 million annual visitors seem even more impressive.

5. Albania- 3 Million

Before 1990, Albania was one of Europe’s most repressive communist regimes, making it off-limits to tourists and citizens who wanted to escape. Although Albania has made great strides since the 1990s, it is still very much a developing country, although one that is quickly becoming the most popular tourist spot in the Balkans. It has stunning scenery, from beaches to medieval cities to snowy mountains.

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